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Saturday, 21 July 2018
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Dear clients and visitors,‎
Bahrawy Consultancy Group "BCG" is a ‎very fast growing company in Electrical ‎Engineering Consultation. Since a few ‎years back we start achieving our ‎dreams to start our career outside Egypt, ‎especially in Gulf Area and with support ‎of our local reputation.
Credibility, Teamwork, integrity, and ‎the pursuit of excellence continue to be ‎the driving forces behind the growth and ‎success of BCG. It is the energetic ‎commitment and enthusiasm of each ‎BCG employee that fosters our ‎continued success. Each employee ‎contributes his or her own exceptional ‎skills, knowledge, and experience in ‎performing the daily work that moves our ‎consultation services into exciting new ‎areas, while maintaining operational ‎excellence.
Great competition is very important for ‎lasting the integrated economy ‎effectively . Consequently, we will ‎continue our business with success and ‎challenge to add value to our Service ‎with new competition understanding ‎controlled by business ethics.
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